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Families wishing to change their student’s Cohort assignments between A, B and C for the spring semester, must communicate with the staff at their child’s school/s by 4 p.m. today, November 20, 2020. Changes Cannot be Guaranteed but every effort will be made to accommodate Cohort change requests. Due to current limitations of 50 percent capacity in each Cohort, requests may not be granted.

If approved, change requests will take effect when the spring semester begins January 11, 2021. If a Request is Not Submitted – Students will continue in their current Cohorts through the second semester.

For Middle & Secondary Cohort Selections – It is important to note that because middle and secondary schools are presently in Remote Learning Mode, Cohort placements have little bearing on student schedules. Families of middle and secondary students should, however, consider their Cohort placements (selected at the start of the 2020-2021 school year) in the event the state allows these grades to transition into Hybrid Learning Mode during the spring semester.

Changes are Allowed Per Semester Only – Changes to Cohorts A and B will not be permitted once the semester begins.

New Students – Families of new students will make Cohort requests during the enrollment process at the school. Cohort assignments are made on a space-available basis.

Cohort C – Changing to Cohort C (full remote instruction) can be done at any time during the school year by contacting school staff; however, there could be a delay in student start dates because teacher assignments may need to be adjusted to accommodate new remote students.

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