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Clovis Releases 2020-2021 school reentry guidelines

CLOVIS (KSMX)- As the District prepares for re-entry into school, the NM Public Education Department requires each school district to comply with eight minimum requirements. Therefore, Clovis Schools has released a 9-page document to help parents and students enter this abnormal school year with as much information and guidance.

Every district in the state of New Mexico must adhere to COVID-Safe practice such as face coverings and restrictions pertaining to mass gatherings. This document is intended to serve as a basic reentry guide for families, students and staff as well as to ease some of the questions parents might have.

August 17, is the first day of school for students of Clovis Municipal Schools in 1st – 12th grades and August 24, for preschool and kindergarten.


  • Parent/guardian checks the child for COVID-19 symptoms, in the event of a temperature of 100°, keep the child home until symptoms subside for 48 hours; contact the school office to report the absence
  • Have your child wash their hands just prior to leaving home
  • Please send your child to school with a full bottle of water and face covering
  • Check their materials and confirm they have the items needed for the day to include homework, supplies and Chromebooks/chargers. This will avoid parents/guardians having to make multiple trips to the campus throughout the day.


It is critical that parents/guardians provide supervision of their children until the bus is boarded.

To avoid grouping of students, students should remain in the vehicle or stand at least 6’ apart while waiting for bus arrival to minimize grouping of children from different households.
Unaccompanied students at the bus stop showing signs of sickness will not be allowed on the bus. Authorities will be contacted to return the student to their parents/guardians.

Students who fail to follow COVID safe practices may have their transportation privileges suspended or revoked. Hand sanitizer will be used as students board and exit the bus.

Buses will establish loading and unloading practices to limit the direct person to person contact. Students will sit in assigned seating. No more than 2 students will be allowed per seat.

Face coverings (masks, neck gaiters, or face shields) will be required for all students and staff while riding the bus. Medical exceptions will be managed on a case-by-case basis.
Buses will be disinfected between routes and at the end of the day.


  • School buildings will be open at 7:30 am. Each site will determine when students are allowed in the building due to the temperature screening process.
  • Face coverings (masks, neck gaiters, or face shields) are required for all students and staff except while eating, drinking and exercising (including recess), with limited exceptions for students or staff who have medical reasons for not being able to wear a mask or face shield. Students seeking a medical exception need to contact the school nurse. Staff seeking a medical exception need to contact Employee Services.
  • Temperature checks are required of staff and students as they enter the building. Anyone with a temperature of 100° F or higher will be isolated and sent home. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible.
  • Anyone in the buildings will follow marked spaced lines to enter the building and designated entrance and exit flow paths.
  • Essential visitors must call the school office before entering; screening and face-covering will be required.
  • Large group gatherings will be prohibited.
  • Access to facilities by nonessential visitors and volunteers will be restricted.
  • Students or staff who feel ill after coming to school will be isolated until they can return home.


Hallways will have lanes as flow paths to keep students separated. Class changes will be staggered to decrease the number of students in hallways. The same groups of students will stay with the same staff as much as practical.

Large group gatherings will be prohibited, especially in parking lots and common areas. Recess will be staggered to reduce the numbers of students together at a given time. Social distancing will be required. Recess will be structured with games and activities that allow for social distancing. NMPED Guidance P.E., Recess, Activities

  • Occupancy in classrooms and all other spaces will follow the 6’ social distancing or 50% capacity requirements.
  • Every site will post signage detailing proper hygiene information and common COVID-19 symptoms.

MEALS: NMPED Guidance for Meals:

Meals will be provided for every student every day, even when learning from home. Disposable plates, utensils, etc. will be used. Cafeteria and serving lines will be marked with designated entrance and exit flow paths.

Lunches from home may be brought to school and left in designated areas for student pick-up at mealtime. Food delivery from home or outside sources during the school day is discouraged due to health/safety concerns and should be avoided when at all possible. Face coverings (masks, neck gaiters or face shields) are required for all individuals dropping off lunch.

Cafeterias will be cleaned after each serving and throughout the day.

For elementary students, cafeteria staff will deliver breakfast and lunch to be eaten in the classroom. Teachers will place the meals on the students’ desks. Trash receptacles for food waste will be placed in the hallways.

Secondary schools will have breakfast and lunch delivered to designated eating locations throughout each campus. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

Remote learners will be able to pick up meals at a designated location and time. Breakfast and lunch will be distributed together, Monday through Friday. Possible options for delivery of meals to designated locations for students in remote areas are being developed.


  • COVID-19 preventive hygiene measures will be taught and reinforced. These include handwashing, covering coughs, and proper wearing of face coverings.
  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer will be provided. Hand sanitizer will be available for use by students, with teacher supervision.
  • Disinfectant materials and personal protective equipment will be made available for every classroom.
  • Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected by trained custodial staff at least daily.
  • Water fountains will not be used by students. Students are encouraged to bring their own waterbottles from home. Students will be scheduled to refill their personal bottle with staff operating the bottle-fill feature of water fountains. Disposable containers will be available for students without a water bottle.
  • Deep cleaning of schools prior to school opening, during school breaks, mid-week and weekends will occur.


Areas of a building or an entire campus may be temporarily closed due to a positive COVID-19 test or possible exposure. In the event of any closure, the turnaround time for re-entry will be at least 48 hours. When possible, cleaning and disinfecting the campus will occur after an initial 24 hour waiting period has passed.

Those who have had close contact to a positive COVID-19 case will be advised to stay home and follow New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) guidance for home quarantine. Staff or students testing positive for COVID-19 may not return until having met NMDOH criteria. To the extent possible, remote instruction will continue for those affected by a closure.


  • Elementary Art, PE, Library and Music and Secondary Elective Courses are vital to the success of students and will occur on a regular basis.
  • Athletics and Activities will follow New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) Guidelines where applicable. New Mexico Activities Association
  • Pre-season COVID-19 testing will be administered for all coaches and student-athletes.


  • District grading procedures that were in place before school closure will be utilized.
  • Grades will be reflective of student performance against grade-level content and standards. Intervention strategies will be used to scaffold student learning as necessary.
  • Remote work will be graded in the same manner as work completed in the traditional classroom.
  • State Assessments will be determined by the New Mexico Public Education Department.


  • Attendance will be taken daily in both hybrid/in-person and remote classes.
  • Attendance and participation are mandatory for both in-person and online instruction.
  • Attendance expectations and accountability will align with the “New Mexico Attendance for Success Act”: Attendance for Success Act SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING:
  • Clovis Municipal Schools will prioritize Social and Emotional Learning for all students and staff. Positive Action and Capturing Kids’ Hearts will be utilized.


  • Academic Individualized Education Plan (IEP) services will continue, as well as ancillary services such as Speech, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy (OT/PT), counseling, audiology and services for visually impaired students. These will occur virtually and/or in-person through extended learning activities, small group intervention with Google Classroom, teletherapy and parent consultation. We are also providing equipment for sound enhancement on the Chromebooks to our students with hearing loss.

NMPED Guidance for Special Education SERVICE TO ENGLISH LEARNERS:

Families will complete the Language Use Survey (LUS) in the registration packet, and if needed, the screening will be conducted within the 30 day period from the beginning of school. If an instruction is in the remote learning model, NMPED’s temporary screening process will be utilized to determine if the student qualifies for provisional English Learners (EL) service.

Upon reentry into a Hybrid or in-person school environment, provisional EL’s will be given the World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (WAPT) screening to determine qualification. 45 minutes of daily language acquisition instruction for ELs will occur. Each EL will receive language development instruction from the same teacher daily. Each site will develop their own schedule based upon numbers, grade level, and language acquisition level of ELs. Instruction will occur during an intervention time and students will be expected to log in for live instruction during virtual days.

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