Thu. Feb 29th, 2024


High winds today in the region is believed to be a large factor in the derailment of a train today in between Logan and San Jon. The derailment caused the closure of Highway 469.

State Senator Pat Woods (R-Broadview) represents the district where 26 cars of a Union Pacific train were derailed because of high winds near Logan, New Mexico this afternoon. Senator Woods  said it is a reminder that New Mexico winds can be extremely dangerous and people need to heed high wind warnings and take them very seriously. Fortunately, Senator Woods said  no one was injured in the train derailment and the cars were empty of cargo and did not carry any hazardous material.

Windspeeds are not slowing however as through Clovis and Portales, we’re seeing some roof damage, signs getting ready to blow over and power outages. 

MANY intersections across the high plains have street lights that are without power currently.  Including 7th, 14th, and Mabry Drive. PLEASE drive carefully, take it slow, and if you come to an intersection where the lights aren’t working, treat that intersection the same as you would a four way stop.

We’ve also received word that Commercial Street in Portales is closed between Avenue B & C and Avenue C is closed between Commercial and U.S. 70.  City Hall phones are also down. 

Central Baptist Church has cancelled all activities associated with the church this evening in an abundance of caution. 

The Clovis-Carver Public Library will be closer this evening, due to the power outage.

Clovis Community College has also cancelled classes for the remainder of the day.

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