Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024


Each April, Counties all over the nation celebrate National County Government Month (NCGM) with information and activities designed to highlight all the ways County governments are relevant and positively impact the lives of citizens throughout the year.

The theme for this year’s celebration of NCGM is “Counties RISE!,” inspired by the signature focus of National Association of Counties (NACo) President Denise Winfrey. The theme is an acronym for and highlights Resiliency, Inclusion, Solvency, and Empowerment – all county priorities undertaken with energy and passion for building stronger counties.

This year, Curry County celebrates NCGM with a range of events and initiatives. Several schools throughout the County are participating in a coloring contest which incorporates different components of our County for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Our senior adults throughout the County are also participating in a coloring contest, as well as the County will be selecting a County Manager for a Day, which will be held on a May 4, 2023.

Applications for County Manager for a Day can be found on the County website, www.currycounty.org. Students may mail or drop off their applications to 417 Gidding, Suite 100, Clovis or email to amoran@currycounty.org no later than April 12, 2023. Curry County will also highlight the services and programs that we offer throughout the month of April on the County website and the County Facebook page.

For more information, please contact Curry County Administration at 575-763- 6016.

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