Wed. Apr 24th, 2024


SANTA FE (KSMX) – The 60-day Legislative Session kicked off earlier today in Santa Fe, with Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham addressing New Mexico lawmakers.


“We stand together on the precipice of immeasurable opportunity. Now I’m ready to begin the climb, and I believe you are too. 60 days and each one of those days represents a chance to make a meaningful, positive different in the lives of every single New Mexican.”

Some items the governor tapped on was lifting the state’s cap on incentives for the film industry, that could result in more productions in other parts of the state, vowing that by the end of the year, New Mexico will pay the backlog of incentives that have been promised to industry. She also pushed for higher minimum wage, stating that more than 110,000 New Mexicans make $7.50 an hour, calling that a “poverty wage.” She proposed raising the wage to $10 an hour now, moving towards $12 and establishing an index to inflation. For state workers, she’s calling for tiered raises, so those who currently earn the least will see four percent raises, as well as raising the minimum wage for state employees to $12, beginning July 1st. Another topic Lujan-Grisham hit was her plans for the state’s child welfare agency, as she wants to address vacancies within the agency, as well as creating 100 new positions. The governor also touched on gun violence, noting stronger background checks, and banning people with assault convictions from owning a gun. Other measures she supports include a proposal that aims to ensure gun owners safeguard guns in their homes and out of the reach of children. Lujan-Grisham also wants to put New Mexico on a path to universal pre-kindergarten for all children, and another $500 million towards public education.

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