Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, delivered a COVID-19 live stream today beginning at 3:00 pm.

Thankfully there was no update to the public health order, but the Governor said one will be coming soon. The COVID number aren’t good and continue to rise. “The month of November is going to be rough, the number of young folks with no underlying illnesses are going to be impacted. November is done.” She’s hopeful that if we can maintain the spread of infection, December and January will have more optimistic outcomes.

The COVID-19 numbers as of today are:

  • 862 new cases
  • 51,110 total cases
  • 23 new deaths announced today
  • 59 people on ventilators.
  • 6% daily positivity rate
  • 11,395 additional tests announced today

Michelle Lujan Grisham reiterated the importance of not spending time with non-household members, wear a mask when you must go out, and keep 6-feet of distance from others-even when you have a mask on.

Dr. Scrase was also apart of the live steam, and discussed the current status of hospitals across the state. NM’s model suggests that for each known case there are 3.2 additional cases to be expected. The previous data, about 63% occupancy, was overestimating the percentage of available hospital beds. In actuality, 92% of hospital beds across New Mexico are full, as of today. An average of about 60 people per hospital can be taken on for COVID patients. Dr. Scrase says, “beds aren’t the issue, staffing those beds is the issue.” Thankfully, at least 400 traveling nurses are under contract with NM hospitals arriving this month.

The number of daily cases in the next 2 weeks is modeled to be between 791-1,760. The average number of deaths has more than doubled in the past week. They are expecting 13 or more deaths each day. The hospitals are preparing for an Italy like scenario. Clearing out waiting rooms and turning them into COVID-19 health care units. Taking out the tables and chairs and replacing them with small cot like beds. There just isn’t enough room, or bodies to keep up with the demand.

Two additional physicians spoke on the live steam.  Dr. Jonathan Marinaro, professor and co-chief for the emergency operation centers, and Dr. Denise Gonzales; a pulmonary and critical care physician. Both touched on the use of PPE in the University hospitals, the benefits of wearing a mask, and the importance of not interacting with people in your immediate household. Dr. Gonzales ended her portion of the live stream in a positive note saying, “everyone in nm can be a heath care hero…” referring to the public order of wearing masks, and social distancing.

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