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Fundraisers and safe contribution tips for the 2023-24 school year

Community Advisory, Clovis Municipal Schools:


Throughout the school year, fundraisers are often conducted by district clubs, organizations, athletic programs, advertising events, or individual schools to support programs and activities for students. These efforts are immensely valuable to the success and vitality of student activities and our District would like to thank community members for ongoing support of these programs, while at the same time encouraging caution and awareness to protect against fraudulent activity.

Do not give money to anyone for school use unless you are confident the individual is either an employee or student of the District and is authorized to solicit funds.

Any staff member or student who is taking part in a fundraiser should identify themselves and the school or group for which they are conducting a fundraiser. Community members with questions or concerns are encouraged to verify the information prior to contributing.

  • We do not use outside groups to raise money – When fundraisers are conducted within our District, the request for funding will come directly from an employee or student of Clovis Municipal Schools – the District does not engage in the solicitation of funds by non-school entities.

  • Local businesses and sponsorship solicitation – Unfortunately, local businesses are often targeted for solicitation from non-District, non-school agencies or organizations who commonly state they are raising funds on behalf of the students and/or staff of Clovis Municipal Schools.

If you are a business owner and encounter solicitations of this type, the agency or organization is not raising funds on our behalf.

  • Telephone solicitation – Clovis Municipal Schools will rarely conduct fundraisers by telephone and will never ask for a credit card number or other personal information by telephone or otherwise. If solicited for support by telephone, community members should take the caller’s information and call the school directly to verify the legitimacy and/or participate in the fundraiser.

  • Online/Crowd-funding Solicitation – Furthermore, Clovis Municipal Schools does not allow or endorse fundraising through crowd-funding platforms. Crowd-funding platforms such as and others designed to raise money through online donations from the public are not authorized or endorsed by the district for fundraising purposes.

  • Report fraudulent activity ­– In the event that you or someone you know is the victim of fraudulent activity, unfortunately, there is little that the District can do to assist once it has occurred. Community members who have been the victim of fraud should report the incident to law enforcement and take immediate and appropriate steps to protect themselves from additional loss.

If you believe someone is inappropriately soliciting money on behalf of Clovis Municipal Schools, or wish to verify the legitimacy of a fundraising campaign, please contact the school for which the fundraiser is intended, or District administration at 575-769-4300.

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