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Former Director of Clovis’s Senior Meals Program sentenced to seven years.

CLOVIS (KSMX)- Former director of Clovis’s Senior Meals Program has been sentenced to seven years plus what she owes after being found guilty of embezzlement.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney, Andrea Reeb, announced that on January 29, 2020, Cherisse Perez, age 35, of Clovis, was sentenced to seven years in prison, for the crime of Embezzlement over $20,000, a second-degree felony.

Perez was the former director of Clovis’s senior meals program and was arrested in February of 2019, after the board members, reported over $24,000.00 in funds missing.

An investigation showed that ATM transactions and checks had been issued to herself while altering books to show the checks were issued to businesses. In December of 2019, Perez entered a no-contest plea to the charges.

The Honorable Matthew Chandler presided over the sentencing hearing and found that Perez is a habitual offender after the State produced documentation of two prior felony convictions.

Chandler sentenced Perez to the maximum allowed by the plea agreement, three years on the embezzlement charge and four years as a habitual offender, and ordered that Perez pay back all the money.

Perez stated at the hearing that she had the entire restitution amount to pay.

Deputy District Attorney, Jake Boazman prosecuted the case for the State and criminal defense attorney, Tye Harmon, of Clovis, represented Perez.

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