Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023


On June 9, 2021 while preparing for the evening flight to Clovis Regional Airport, Denver Air Connection discovered the weather reporting system in Clovis to be out of operation. All part 121 (scheduled airline) operations require current weather reports from the arrival and departure airports regardless of weather conditions. Neither the City of Clovis, nor Denver Air Connection have authority to maintain or repair this federal equipment.

The flight crew and dispatch control immediately notified the FAA and after some delay were advised that the issue could not be resolved last night. Denver Air Connections had no choice but to cancel the flight. DAC has been advised by the FAA that it will be noon on June 11, 2021 before the equipment is functional. As of this writing, DAC is attempting to coordinate with Cannon Air Force Base for a temporary solution to enable our airline to operate in and out of Clovis Regional Airport while the equipment is being repaired.

They are working with passengers, the city of Clovis, the FAA, the TSA and Cannon AFB to resume normal service as soon as possible.

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