Mon. Sep 25th, 2023


Curry County is reminding Curry County residents and visitors that fireworks restrictions are in place within the unincorporated areas of Curry County. The Curry County Board of Commission adopted the restrictions through Proclamation at the regular meeting on June 1, 2021. The restrictions were put in place due to the ongoing severe drought conditions and high fire danger in Curry County.

The Proclamation restricts the sale and use of certain aerial fireworks and ground audible fireworks including helicopters, aerial spinners, missile type rockets, stick type rockets, chasers and firecrackers. Fireworks allowed in unincorporated Curry County are ground and hand-held sparkling devices, roman candles, shells and mines.

The use of these fireworks is limited to areas that are paved or barren or that have a readily accessible source of water for use by any homeowner or the public. Curry County is continually monitoring conditions and will remove the restrictions as soon as possible. The Board of County Commission will revisit the matter at the regular commission meeting on June 29, 2021.

For more information, contact Curry County Fire & Safety at 575-763-6016, extension 117.

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