Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


Yesterday, Curry County saw its highest COVID-19 case count since the beginning of the pandemic, with 65 new cases reported. The majority of the cases came from the Curry County Detention Center, reporting 43 positive detainee COVID tests in the past 36 hours. According to County Manager Lance Pyle, of the 43, one is a female. Currently, the detention center has 64 detainees who have tested positive for COVID-19. This total includes detainees from last week that tested positive.

Also, another contract employee has tested positive, however the contract employee last worked in the Detention Center on September 30th. NO County Detention Center Employee has tested positive.

The Detention Center old annex has been re-opened and the following protocols have been implemented:

  1. All new intakes are house in the Old Annex
  2. All detainee worker programs have been terminated.
In addition, the County continues to test weekly at least 35% of Detention Center staff and 10% of detainees. Staff are also required to wear KN85 masks.

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