Wed. Nov 29th, 2023


The Curry County Detention center announced that a detainee has tested positive for COVID-19. The detainee was booked into the facility on September 8th, and as part of detention protocol was tested upon booking. That test showed negative. The center, as part of protocol, tests a minimum of 10% of the detainees to receive random tests weekly. The detainee was selected for random testing on September 14th, with the test coming back positive on Wednesday.  The detainee was notified and has bonded out and was sent home to quarantine. Currently, there are no other positive cases at the Detention Center that have been confirmed by the Department of Health.

Since May, 215 detention employee and 828 detainee tests have been conducted with 55 tests pending. There are currently 181 detainees at the facility, 70 security staff, as well as 10 contractors. The County continues to work with DOH and all staff tested and all detainees that were housed with said detainee will be tested. In addition, all detainees in this pod will be placed on a quarantine status and will be put on cell rotation to maintain social distancing. The Curry County Detention Center continues to strictly comply with and enforce COVID-19 Safe Practices by requiring temperatures be taken before and after each shift, medically isolating any detainees experiencing symptoms, masks are being worn at all times, and all staff are screened. Any staff that experience symptoms are tested immediately and sent home to quarantine.

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