Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

COVID-19 update: CEO give thanks to all healthcare professionals

PORTALES (KSEL)- Health care professionals in the local area have not only continued to work the frontlines during this health pandemic but also make sure the public is educated and aware of any updates/news that pertains to the public’s interest.

Roosevelt General Hospital CEO, Kaye Green, takes to the RGH Facebook page every day with daily updates on cases, statewide as well as local. Roosevelt County had 1 confirmed case of COVID-19 and the individual has since made a full recovery. Curry County has remained at 10 cases of the virus.

Local health officials have predicted that the virus will hit its highest peak in May, however, Green stated that with only an additional 62 confirmed cases reported by the NMDOH yesterday, a slow in the spread of the virus is being seen across the state.

RGH has tested a total of 60 individuals with 52 coming back negative and 8 pending. Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis has had a total of approximately 300 individuals tested with 10 confirmed cases.

“I would like to thank not only the RGH health care professionals but all frontline workers. I can guarantee that every patient who walks in with a cough or fever is being treated as a COVID-19 case and it does not reduce the stress or anxiety of the work,” Green stated in the media post. “I’ve always said healthcare is not for the faint of heart.”

Many local businesses have been contributing to the COVID-19 relief in the area in both Curry and Roosevelt Counties.

PRMC, RGH and emergency officials have had visits from local restaurants supplying lunch, snacks and beverages to those who take care of not only themselves but everyone else.

It takes a community like Roosevelt and Curry Counties to help each other stay safe, fed and educated during this confusing time and everyone in the area continues to do their part.

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