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Convicted sex offender will serve the rest of his 10 year sentence in prison after violating probation

CLOVIS (KSMX)- Thomas Golden, age 30, of Clovis, appeared before the Honorable Matthew E. Chandler on November 19, for a hearing on his violation of probation.

Golden had been serving a five-year term of probation for a 2017 conviction of Possession of Child Pornography, a fourth-degree felony.

In August of 2019, the Department of Homeland Security contacted Curry County Sheriff’s Deputy, Sandy Loomis, (who supervises sex offenders), with information that Golden was downloading and sending child pornography.

At the hearing, Judge Chandler heard testimony from the Adult Probation Office and Deputy Loomis. Testimony showed that Golden admitted to downloading and sending the images.

Judge Chandler stated that back in 2017, he told Golden that he was extremely disturbed by his actions and that these are real children and victims in these photos, depicting sexual acts to children as young as one year old.

Chandler went on to tell the offender, “You had an opportunity and a chance to fix things but you did not. The community needs to be protected from you.”

Judge Chandler ordered that Golden serve the remainder of his 10-year sentence in the New Mexico Department of Corrections. With credit for the time served on probation, the defendant will spend the next 8 years in custody.

Chief Deputy District Attorney, Brian Stover, prosecuted the case for the State. Roderick Juarez, Attorney for the Public Defender, represented Golden.

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