Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Concerns of Outbreak of Distemper at Animal Shelter

CLOVIS, NM, From the City of Clovis City Manager’s Office,

“The City of Clovis has been receiving concerns regarding an outbreak of distemper in the area which may have potentially impacted the Clovis Animal Shelter. We would like to thank the public for reaching out and assure them that, unless the outbreak in the community impacts numerous animals in the Clovis Animal Shelter, the City of Clovis will continue its regular daily protocols at the facility. These protocols include but are not limited to, thorough daily cleaning of the Clovis Animal Shelter, observing the health and wellness of animals located within the shelter, and taking appropriate action regarding their health as needed. “Unfortunately abandoned, stray or relinquished animals entering the Clovis Animal Shelter sometimes carry disease into the facility,” advised Police Chief Roy Rice, Friday. “Currently, we do not have any symptomatic animals at the Clovis Animal Shelter.” The Animal Shelter is working with Jessica Gutmann, Senior Regional Strategist with Best Friends, regarding this matter and has also spoken with High Plains Humane Society representative Ms. Gaye Cook, who agrees that continuing with current protocols is the best way forward at this time. For more information regarding the tree planting ceremony, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (575) 763-9670.”

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