Tue. May 30th, 2023


Clovis Municipal Schools will be closed Thursday, January 20, 2022, due to potential inclement weather, to include severe low temperatures and wind chill, in addition to existing staff shortages.

The closure includes In-person and Remote (online) Learning Modes. Grab & Go Meals will not be provided due to the closure. Information about schedule changes can be obtained by families and staff in the following ways:

Blackboard – Automated telephone notifications will be made to the primary custodial parents/guardians as listed in Skyward Family Access. Verify and correct your contact information by logging into Skyward and clicking on “Student Info.”

– CMS Website ~ www.clovis-schools.org

– CMS Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/Clovis-Municipal-Schools-District…/

For information on inclement weather procedures, visit: http://www.clovis-schools.org/oper…/inclement_weather.html

In response to Clovis Muncipal Schools closure, 20 Jan 22, the Cannon AFB School Age Center (grades K-7) will be open from 0600-1800 to support children currently enrolled in the program. The Youth Center (ages 9-18) will be open from from 1200-1800.

Additionally, according to the Portales Municipal School District’s Enhanced COVID Safe Practices Plan (CSP) and the Public Education Department’s COVID Toolkit, when a school reaches 3% positive cases within a 14 day period, it is recommended that schools activate its CSP.  When a school reaches 5% positive cases it must activate the plan.  As of Wednesday, three (3) schools within the Portales Municipal School District have reached the 5% positive case rate.  The other three schools are closing in on 5%.  Therefore, we must activate our CSP.

The PMSD plan requires that schools who reach 5% positivity close for one day and receive a deep cleaning.  Therefore, all schools will be closed on Friday, January 21 so that custodial and maintenance staff can deep clean each of the schools.   School will resume as usual on Monday, January 24.  During this closure all athletic and other events are canceled.  No City League games or practices will occur on school property until the 24th.

In order to assist schools to keep case numbers down, please do not send your children to school if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19.  If your child is having symptoms, you can call the school and a nurse will meet you at your car and can provide your child with a COVID test.  The nurse will call you with the results after 30 minutes.  Regardless, if your child is ill, please keep them home, especially if he or she is running a fever.  Not only are schools seeing increased cases of COVID, they are also seeing cases of strep and would prefer that not spread.


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