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Effective April 26, 2021, a voluntary Student Surveillance Testing Program is available through Clovis Municipal Schools. This program is voluntary, and is not a requirement to attend school or participate in activities. Families have the choice of ordering an at-home testing kit, in-person tests at the New Mexico Health Department, La Casa, or through a private provider.

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) is requiring school districts to have a student surveillance testing program in place, in an effort to provide reassurance that in-person learning is safe. The state has set a goal of testing 1% of in-person students, and a goal of testing 10% of students participating in New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) sanctioned sports and activities on a weekly basis.

The two options encouraged by the district are the VAULT at-home statewide testing program and Curative testing. Families may also choose to participate in the voluntary surveillance testing by receiving a test at La Casa School Based Wellness Center (575-762-0360) or their health provider’s office.

Parents are encouraged to voluntarily provide the results of their child’s COVID-19 test to their school nurse. Students participating in student surveillance testing will not be required to quarantine while waiting for results, unless they develop symptoms or are exposed to someone with COVID-19. Students who have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19 will still be required to quarantine for 10 days from their last known exposure, regardless of a COVID-19 test result.

If you have questions regarding the Voluntary Student Surveillance Testing Program, please contact Carissa Engel, Director of Health Services, at 575-769-4476 or via email at

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