Mon. Dec 11th, 2023


Clovis Municipal Schools is offering students, accident insurance plans, allowing access to several low-cost options. Options are available to cover your child 24/7, anywhere in the world or can limit coverage to school-related injuries only. According to a release from the schools, the plans do not restrict your choice of doctors or hospitals. Students will also have access to an extensive network of providers with discounted fees.

Seeking care through contracted providers may further reduce your out-of-pocket costs, particularly is surgery or hospitalizations are needed. A pay-as-you-go Student Accident & Sickness plan is also available, which covers sickness as well as injury in and out of school. Dental plans are also available. If your child already has health coverage, these plans can also be used as a low-cost supplement to expand choice of providers and help cover the multi-thousand-dollar deductibles and 30% to 40% cost sharing obligations imposed by many other plans today. For more information visit

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