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Clovis woman involved in an armed robbery sentenced to 11 years

CLOVIS (KSMX) – A Clovis woman has been found guilty and sentenced for 11 years for her role in an armed robbery of an elderly woman.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney, Andrea Reeb, announced that Jamie Salazar-Cadena, age 36, of Clovis, pleaded guilty and was sentenced today to 7 years in the New Mexico Department of Corrections, for her role in the armed robbery of an elderly woman.

On August 18, 2019, an 88-year-old female was robbed at gunpoint by two females in the parking lot of a Clovis church. It was also discovered that the victim’s debit card, which was in her purse at the time of the theft, was used at several businesses throughout Clovis.

The Honorable Drew D. Tatum presided over the sentencing hearing and sentenced Salazar-Cadena to 11 years in prison, with 4 years suspended in favor of supervised probation and 2 years of parole. The sentence was enhanced for the use of a firearm and also by Salazar-Cadena’s prior felony conviction, deeming her a habitual offender.

During the hearing Judge Tatum stated, “You should be ashamed. There must be a strong punishment for that. I don’t know when the change is going to occur but this better happen now. This can never happen again. You better use that time to make yourself a better person. Your actions are absolutely unacceptable.” The defendant also stated to the Court that “I am sorry and ashamed for what I did. It is out of character.”

Chief Deputy District Attorney, Brian Stover prosecuted the case for the State and criminal defense attorney, Sandra Gallagher, of Portales, represented Salazar-Cadena. The other defendant in the case, Cherry Anaya, charged with Armed Robbery, is set for trial on May 22. Delilah Kerby, who is charged with Unauthorized Withdrawal, Theft, or Use of a Card of Another, is also set for trial on May 22.

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