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The City of Clovis has decided to implement facility fees for all recreational activities. Following a request for input to facility users, the City of Clovis Parks & Recreation Board made a recommendation to the Clovis City Commission to revise the fee structure for city facilities. At their regular meeting held February 2*, 2023, the Clovis City Commission unanimously voted to approve the following regarding user fees effective April 1, 2023.

  1. Effective April 1, 2023, leagues will no longer be responsible for collecting and submitting user fees. Instead, all individuals wishing to participate in any activity that utilizes a City facility will now need to register for an annual membership with the City for $50.00. The annual membership includes access to fields and facilities. This membership will cover participation in all league activities and all
    “Open/Free times at our indoor facility, pools and Splash Pad. Members will also receive reduced rates on indoor scheduled programming at both Roy Walker and the Aquatics Center.
    The leagues shall work with the City to ensure all participants are registered. The City will audit league registrations with City records.
  2. A new exclusivity fee has been created. Exclusivity for fields will be granted at a Tate of $2000 per field per year. Not all fields will be offered exclusive rights.
    Leagues that elect to not use exclusivity will have *First Rights” on reservations.
    Exclusivity costs may be offset by using the Capital Improvement rights in the User Agreements.
  3. Exclusivity on Clubhouse, Concession or Office Area will be at a rate of $500 per area per year. These areas will be considered included if the league uses their exclusivity on their fields. Shared exclusivity may take place in fields shared with Clovis Municipal Schools. Exclusivity for the Boxing Gym will be at a rate of S100 per month.
  4. Tournament Fees will be charged at a rate of 520 per Youth Team and $30 per Adult Team, per tournament. This does not include any internal playoffs, just tournaments that are held outside of normal league play
  5. Concession Fees will be for mobile vendors at a rate of $100 per space with a $50 deposit. The number of spaces will depend on trailer size. Mobile vendors will not be allowed at Guy Leeder, Bob Spencer, CYS/ or other leagues during any league event without the request of the league
This “membership” fee is to be paid to the city not to the individual leagues the children are playing for. For example this fee does not cover the cost to registar your child for soccer, youth basketball, Spring flag football etc…  If you want your child to play you will need to pay that particular league’s registration fee PLUS go pay the City’s fee.
Please if you have any questions about the City’s “Membership” don’t hesitate to contact:
Justin Howalt,
City Manager,
Claire Burroughes
Assistant City Manager
Russell Hooper
City Of Clovis Parks And Recreation
Direct phone number to the City is: 575-769-7828
Local activist group, Eastern New Mexico Rising, is trying to do their part in raising additional funds to combat the cost of the “membership fees.” Their current goal is $250 and they are now sitting at $220.

If you would like to donate you can do so here or reach out to us by email below:

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