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CLOVIS (KSMX)- Clovis Police Officer, Timo Rosenthal, pulled up to a Burger King in Clovis to just grab a quick bite to eat. What he didn’t expect was a  Facebook post later that day that summarized his whole experience going viral.

While in uniform, Rosenthal was conducting a ride along with a rookie police officer and after grabbing some food from the popular fast food chain restaurant noticed that on his burger a pig was drawn with a badge.

“When I first saw this, I honestly thought it was funny. I have a pretty good sense of humor but when I saw the food itself and the poor quality, burnt burger; I knew this was a malicious act.”

Rosenthal posted it online for his friends and family to see where it soon hit 1.4 thousand shares and at least 3.7 thousand comments. The comments ranged from those sharing their sincerest apologies to complete hatred for any law enforcement:


“Thank you for your service. And thank you for teaching these guys that they are responsible for the consequences of their actions. It’s a hard lesson to learn but at least they get it…”

“Man give them mfs a raise and they job back.”

(Only two examples of both positive and negative comments taken directly from the post itself.)


Rosenthal, an immigrant from Germany, commented on how much he respects the fact that “it’s in your right to say whatever you want to say on any subject and that’s why this country is so great. But once you take action against someone like the police officers having water thrown on them in New York, then yeah… it’s wrong”.

Fox and Friends found this post and contacted Rosenthal earlier Monday to Skype interview him on the matter. He stated to YourNews after the interview, he had no idea it (Facebook post) would become viral, that he initially shared it for his family and friends but people do need to know that this malicious act happens more than you know.

“I felt bad that this happened with a rookie. He hasn’t been on his own yet and was just riding along with me. It’s sad that he had to see that part of the job, but you know, it happens”.

A Burger King spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News, “What occurred is unacceptable and not in line with our brand values. When made aware of the incident, the restaurant owner immediately reached out to the officer-involved to apologize and terminated the team members involved.”

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