Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024


Clovis Municipal Schools will shift all instruction back into Remote Learning upon return from the Thanksgiving holiday, through the end of the first semester. At the start of the second semester in January, conditions will be reevaluated to determine the feasibility of a return to Hybrid Learning Mode. Further plans will be announced at that time.

Students currently attending school in Cohorts A and B will begin to receive remote instruction on Monday, November 30, for a minimum of two days a week, with the remainder of the school week designated for independent work time. Teachers will communicate directly with families regarding individual class schedules and online learning.

Additionally, all District employees with the ability to perform their duties remotely will report for work online to reduce the number of individuals physically present in facilities.  Families of students who receive in-person services or participate in in-person programs will be contacted individually with further information.

The decision to withdraw from Hybrid Learning Mode comes in the midst of increased local COVID-19 cases and tightened state criteria. As has been reported in recent weeks, the District is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases among staff and students – with more than 80 positive cases reported in November alone – with significant impact on attendance and the ability to conduct in-person learning.

At this point, Curry County is notably far from the state’s gating criteria to reopen. If those conditions continue and the District were forced to go into Remote Learning Mode, there is little hope of returning to Hybrid Mode in the foreseeable future.

For more detailed information, please visit: clovis-schools.org

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