Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


CLOVIS (KSMX)- The Clovis Municipal Schools Board of Education voted to eliminate a policy requiring teachers to obtain a master’s degree, during a Regular Meeting held Tuesday, September 24.

The policy has undergone revisions since its adoption in 2008 by the Board of Education. In its most recent form, the policy required teachers to obtain a master’s degree by their fifth annual employment contract in order for their sixth annual contract to be eligible for renewal.

Removal of this policy enables the district to recruit talented and highly effective educators, as well as retain some of its most experienced and proven teachers who might otherwise have become ineligible to teach had they not met the master’s degree requirement.

Though a master’s degree is no longer a required qualification for continued employment, advanced higher education is, particularly for educators, valuable. For example, higher education is still factored into a teacher’s education and experience, which has the ability to increase an employee’s earning potential with the district. Additionally, education enhances one’s knowledge and capabilities and can impact earning potential in future professional pursuits.

Recognizing the value of advanced education, district staff are encouraged and supported in their efforts to continue educational pursuits and advanced degrees. As educators focused on providing superior and effective education to our students, Clovis Municipal Schools commends those employees who choose to engage in professional and personal growth through continued education.

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