Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


CLOVIS (KSMX)- With an area with wind that can reach up to 70 mph gusts having a full crew of fire fighters certainly help when the occasion calls for it. Clovis Fire Department has had 12 rookies join their 6-week training and look to add three more to the crew. The departments multi-million-dollar training facilities plays a key factor in producing well equipped fire fighters.

The Station 5 facility has multiple ways of displaying scenarios these fire fighters will see in the line of work from grossly heated areas to collapsed floors, these rookies are getting a hands-on experience that could not only save their lives but many others. Clovis Fire Fighter, Justin Hines, commented that “in the past we have seen a problem with applicants going through the training school and getting some years of experience under their belts and moving on to larger areas but we have also seen success in applicants coming from larger areas and staying. The number of applicants fluctuate every year.” The department is the largest in the area and have reach out agreements with neighboring towns/counties when a problem arises. The department will be looking for 3 more applicants come June 21st to reach a full crew of 15

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