Thu. Jul 25th, 2024


SANTA ROSA (KRQE) – A two-year-old who was reported missing yesterday from Texas has been reunited with family after law enforcement officials located the child in Santa Rosa earlier today. Burkburnett Police Department responded to the call at a KOA RV campground regarding a hit-and-run crash involving a pedestrian. That incident result over a custody battle over the child, between the mother, Christina Downing and the child’s father, Michael Smith. KRQE reports that police say that Smith had allegedly drove from California to Texas, where two-year-old Eli Smith and Downing were living, to attempt to take the child. A heated encounter ensued in which Smith allegedly tried to take the child by force. He and an acquaintance, Robin Golden, then attempted to leave in a Black Saturn. Smith’s mother and grandmother, Cassandra Thompson, made attempts to stop the pair, when Thompson was run down by the car, resulting in serious injuries. The Amber Alert was issued by the Burkburnett Police. The two, along with the child were found in Santa Rosa. Both were arrested and are now facing felony aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and felony-hit-and-run. The child was reunited with family members.

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