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Cannon Air Force Base and Curry County partner for 9/11 remembrance ceremony

Media Release, Cannon AFB Public Relations:


In years past Cannon Air Force Base and Curry County have each hosted their own 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony to memorialize those lost on Sept. 11, 2001. This year, they are hosting a combined ceremony, here.

The importance of this event is not only to recognize the lives lost, but remember and honor their bravery, sacrifice, and strength.


“This event means so much to myself and Curry County, and we are very fortunate to be able to partner with Cannon Air Force Base as a united community,” said Kristian Price, Curry County Community Services Administrator. “Partnering with Cannon Air Force Base for the remembrance ceremony shows our dedication and support to our local military population in a new way – recognizing how Sept. 11, 2001 changed their lives and the lives of so many Americans, and honoring those people who perished on that day, and the days that followed during the Global War on Terror.”


The event will take place at the Cannon Air Force Base Fire Station. The opening ceremony will begin at 6:46 a.m., the exact time on Sept. 11, 2001 when the first plane struck the North Tower. Following the opening ceremony, there will be a silent march to the flight tower and a reading of all first responders. After the completion of the stair climb, the ceremony will close at the fire station for a reading of civilian names and closing ceremony.


“Planning a combined remembrance ceremony with the local community to honor those lost on 9/11 very much resembles how America came together following the tragedy that shook the Nation,” said Col. Barry Roche, commander of the 27th Special Operations Mission Support Group. “Cannon Air Force Base is grateful to have supportive community partners who recognize the importance of remembering that day, and how it changed our history for years to come.”


Cannon Air Force Base will livestream the event on their Facebook page,, and Curry County will share it to the Curry County Facebook page for the public to view.


For additional information about the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony, please contact Cannon Air Force Base Public Affairs at (575)-784-4131 or Curry County Administration at (575) 763-6016.

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