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On September 9, 2021, Cannon Air Force Base began hosting the Air Force’s first official moral injury training series helping Airmen heal from the mental, emotional, and conscience impact of compromising service-related experiences.


For military members, moral injury often involves guilt resulting from taking a life; but also includes the shame associated from witnessing, failing to prevent, or participating in actions that occur both on and off the battlefield. These experiences often lead to depression, distress, and unhealthy coping methods that hinder Airmen from living a full and healthy life.


“Our Airmen were sent into battle with the tactical and physical training to execute their mission, but few were given the opportunity to learn about the moral challenges they would face, and fewer yet were given the educational advantage of learning about the moral high-ground from which the US Military operates,” said Capt R. Brenner Campbell, 27th Special Operations Group Chaplain.


Moral Injury training provides Airmen the ability to better process the service-related experiences that led to their emotional stress and conscience injury, providing a healthy way to move forward in life.


“I remain proud of everything we have been able to accomplish to protect the United States of America and our interests worldwide, but sometimes that involves taking actions that are not normal to our everyday life experiences,” said Col Terence Taylor, 27th Special Operations Wing Commander. “We can’t discount the impact those actions may have on Airmen and on our force. This training will address their personal experiences, help educate all involved on some of the challenges, and provide coping mechanisms to allow for healing where needed.”



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