Mon. May 29th, 2023


Highlights from the Governor’s Live

On Wednesday afternoon, the Governor along with other state officials, hosted a live stream to provide an update on New Mexico’s current COVID-19 framework. As of right now, 41.6% of New Mexicans are fully vaccinated. As proposed by the Governor, once the state becomes 60% fully vaccinated, there will no longer be limitations within our counties. The projected time for 60% fully vaccinated residents is by the end of June 2021. This means, that in approximately nine weeks New Mexico will be back fully open!

Along with this exciting news, state officials are also revising mask mandates, and state gating criteria. For residents that are fully vaccinated, the state has provided a chart on which activities are deemed “safer” and no longer require a mask. Activities like: outdoor exercise with other members of your family that are also fully vaccinated, attend small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated and unvaccinated friends, and dine at restaurants with friends from multiple households.  For folks that aren’t vaccinated, encouragement to continue to wear a mask remains the same. For a full list of “safe activities” visit the CDC’s website.

The public health metrics gating criteria also received a little tweak. The main changes are the test positivity rate has changed from 5% to now allow 7.5% or less. The daily cases threshold has also been raised to 210 daily cases or less. These measures will be updated weekly going forward.

The new criteria for the statewide framework will go into effect this Friday, April 30th. With the revised framework and new vaccine metrics added into the statistics, it is anticipated that there will be 24 counties in the turquoise designation, 6 in green, 3 in the yellow, and none in red! Nearly every county will be Green or Turquoise.

To view the entire live steam, head over to the Governor’s Facebook page.

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