Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Bovina ISD to hold bond election

Mya Clark, (KAMR/KCIT):


Bovina ISD is holding a bond election in May, hoping to pass two propositions.

Prop A would relocate the elementary school to the main campus, according to Bovina ISD Superintendent Sergio Menchaca.

“Prop A is to bring a small elementary that we call Ridgelea over to the main campus, so those children can be close to us and create a safer environment for education,” said Menchaca.

According to Menchaca, the elementary has about 91 students.

If approved Prop B would add the track to their main campus.

“Prop B, is to bring the track over to the main campus in doing that, that would displace our football stadium,” explained Menchaca. “It would be a complete renovation and rebuild of the stadium with a track around it. In the same frame of mind, everybody on the same campus so that we are safer.”

Menchaca says with a renovated track and football stadium Bovina could host track meets and increase student participation. However, the primary focus of Prop B is having the track on the same campus as everything else for enhanced safety.


Bovina ISD uses the guardian program and Menchaca shared that with elementary students on the main campus, it can ensure students are closer to the safety officers.

“Safety is the number one thing,” said Menchaca. “To make it really simple and almost comical, kids can’t learn if they’re scared, that they feel they’re not safe. So, we want kids in the safest, best learning environment they can be in. I feel the board has decided to do this with all the information provide and we’ll see what the public says.”

According to Menchaca the last time Bovina residents approved a bond was in 1953 when the school burned down.

“Historically Bovina has been very conservative with their funds, and they really care for the public,” said Menchaca. So, they didn’t want to go for a bond. When I was asked to present information on possible bond issues, I did so with the comprehensive needs assessment, and then we took a look at what are the issues that could be put on a bond.

Menchaca shared they are excited about the bond and to hear what the public has to say.

“If you’re not a registered voter, please register to vote,” said Menchaca. That’s important our country is built on different opinions. And please share your voice at the voters box.”


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