Fri. May 24th, 2024

Board of Education changes policy for distribution/posting of promotional materials in schools

Clovis Municipal Schools will no longer distribute promotional materials from outside organizations directly  to students and has limited the types of promotional materials it will make available to students and families.

These changes are the result of a Board of Education decision to revise policy K-2300, regarding the,“Distribution/posting of promotional materials (limited open forum).”

In the past, as a community service, the District allowed select printed materials from community  organizations that promoted events and educational opportunities or activities to be sent home with
students. These flyers were printed and delivered to schools at the expense of organizations, however the  process of distributing them to individual students each day detracted from valuable instruction time and placed a strain on support staff.

To reduce the strain placed on staff and teachers, and to more clearly identify what types of promotional  materials the District will make available, a revised policy was proposed at the December Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, and ultimately, approved by the Board of Education at its January 28, meeting.

This policy also eliminates commercial promotion materials, ensuring that any offerings made by organizations are being made at cost or free of charge and have a clear, educational benefit to students.

Effective immediately, nonprofit organizations providing instruction and practice for school age students in defined areas of instruction may request that promotional materials be distributed or posted by schools
provided the materials meet guidelines established by the Board. If approved, a maximum of 100 flyers will be made available in stacks at schools, giving students and/or  parents the option of taking them.

Additionally, the District will begin offering a digital posting option in the near future, which will allow for electronic distribution of nonprofit promotional materials which meet the  guidelines established by Board Policy.

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