Sat. May 18th, 2024


PORTALES (KSEL)- Last Friday, the Eastern New Mexico Board of Regents unanimously approved funding of $600,000 to build a new home for the ENMU president and chancellor of the ENMU system. Regent Dan Patterson stated, that the board had conducted surveys to the public and 70% had agreed that the new house was a necessity.

The funding of $650,000 is coming from capital outlay money from the state at the request of Sen. Stuart Ingle. No ENMU operating funds will be used for funding as well as tuition or fees increases. Patterson said that the house will no longer be called the President’s House but the university’s house because of the various gatherings and roles it will play.

Regent member Terry Othick had commented on the KRQE article by saying that describing the new house as swanky was comical. He then states, “that is not how the board of regents views plans for the future house”.

The debate of the usage of the money seems to be the concern of some community members, who feel it could have gone to other matters. The regents have received anonymous complaints about the decision but hasn’t been contacted directly. Patterson states, “No matter what was decided, there would be those who disagreed”. ENMU has seen over 2 million dollars in renovations and the board views the house as a part of the university.

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