Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Blue Cross Blue Shield Letters received by RGH patients were erroneously generated

PORTALES (KSEL) – Many of Roosevelt General Hospital and Clinics (RGH) patients began receiving letter(s) from Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBS) declaring that their RGH provider is terminating in December and that he/she will no longer be in the BCBS network.

Once RGH was made aware of the letters by concerned patients, a chief administrator reached out immediately to BCBS and spoke to a Senior Provider Relations Representative. The BCBS representative notified RGH that the letters were erroneously generated by the BCBS network. BCBS is working on resolving the issue. The BCBS representative verified the health care providers from RGH are confirmed in the BCBS network and are not terminating.

Based on the responses conveyed by BCBS, the RGH administration team trusts the issue should be resolved within a matter of days with no adverse effects on patient coverage. Be assured the RGH physicians remain covered with BCBS.

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