Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


It’s now two days after the presidential elections, and a winner still hasn’t been announced. As the ballots from more than 160 million Americans continue to be counted, a picture is starting to come into focus. Now, that Michigan and Wisconsin have been projected for Biden, the national race is boiling down to Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Currently Its still 253 electoral college votes for former VP Biden and 214 to President Trump, the white house is still in the rear view for each candidate.

Here’s what needs to happen in order for either candidate to win.

For Biden, he just simply has to maintain the lead he currently holds in Arizona and Nevada. If he does, he will hit 270 electoral votes, the minimum needed to take the White house.

Like Biden, President Trump has to hold on in the remaining key states where he has the lead. In his case, that’s Pennsylvania and Georgia. Arizona is another possible flip for the President. Like Nevada, there are only mail-in ballots left to be counted.

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