Fri. May 24th, 2024

Announcing Jurassic Empire, the largest most realistic Dinosaur event ever seen!

Media Release, Mike Henschel:


LOCATION & DATES: North Plains Mall | April 27 – 28

This fun filled, family event has entertained children and adults across the country.

There will be a wide variety of fun and educational activities designed to engage members of the entire family.

Embark on a prehistoric journey from the Jurassic all the way through the Ice Age periods and discover the Dinosaurs & Mammals that ruled the earth for more than 200 million years ago!

The main exhibit features over 200 Million Years Worth of Dinosaurs! You’ll see True-To-Life Size, ultra-realistic dinosaurs in their natural habitats. Other exhibit includes hands-on interaction with these enormous Dinosaurs. Ride on the back of your favorite Dinosaurs. Pet the adorable baby Dinos. Play with the walking dinosaurs that are on the loose. Meet Tracey, a friendly young T-Rex that greets guests and can be found walking around and playing with the kids. There's a fossil dig area where young paleontologists can dig up ancient bones. Experience Virtual Reality Rides designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and a Jurassic-themed Bounce area with inflatable bounce houses and much more.

MEDIA PASSES ARE AVAILABLE. Previous events have sold out so buying tickets in advance is highly recommended at:

PRICING: General Admission: Kids and Adults $10


Marketing and Promotions Contact: Mike Henschel

Phone: 412-848-7832


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