Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Amarillo man admits to selling $4.5 million worth of meth

AMARILLO (KSMX)- A man who was arrested in Amarillo admitted to selling around $4.5 million worth of meth this year, according to court documents.

When police arrested four suspects in October on a variety of charges, they found 119 grams of meth in a backpack. During an investigation, authorities learned that the backpack was stolen when one of the women stopped in Lubbock to perform an act of prostitution.

In November, undercover agents reached out to the man who the drugs were stolen from, saying they were the brother of the woman who stole the drugs.

The man, identified as Allen James Arnold, told the agent that he needed $4,000 to cover the cost of the drugs and prevent other people from taking action against the woman. Agents conducted an undercover operation to meet up with Arnold.

When agents identified themselves as law enforcement, Arnold agreed to go with them to the police station.

During an interview, court documents say Arnold admitted to working with a supplier to sell the drugs since July.

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