Tue. May 21st, 2024


This week, Allen theaters announced they will be going into a “hibernation” mode until further notice. This means all 13 of its locations across New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado will be closed until further notice. The closure affects about 450 employees; according to the Las Cruces Sun news. In the state, movie theaters have been ordered closed since March.

Allen theaters began providing drive-in movie service, however according to owner Russell Allen, the demand for drive-in service began to decline, forcing the chain to stop.

“This weekend was a third of the business of last week …. It’s done, the the interest has gone away,” Allen said. “I think we had 50 cars all weekend long.”

This announcement comes after it was announced only a few weeks ago that the Video 4 location, also in Las Cruces, will remain closed permanently.

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