Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

A little can go a long way

PORTALES (KSEL)- Sometimes asking for help can be hard, other times a little can go such a long way. For Danna Thompson, just a little can be enough to have a community come together with the need to help others.

On Friday, a steel box was placed on 700 East 2nd street in Portales full of canned foods, feminine products as well as hygiene products with the one intention of helping anyone who was in need. The “Blessing Box” was an idea that Thompson believed could be an opportunity for someone who might just need a little something to get them through another day.

“My friend who lives in Levelland, Texas was telling me about this blessing box they were able to put up in their town and I thought ‘what a great idea to have in Portales’. But looking online, there wasn’t a steel box less than $500.”

Thompson was determined to create this project and sought help from others in the community and was happy to see the readiness of those willing to help.

“I reached out to a friend whose husband works at the Southwest cheese plant and knew of unwanted and unused steel that could be used. Kye Tivis and Jason Garcia built us a box that could store a number of cans and products and wouldn’t be worn down from weather. Southwest and both men didn’t charge a single cent for the materials donated and hard work put into building that box.”

Danna Thompson felt that since she has lived in Portales all of her life and constantly sees the hardships that some families go through, she can give back by restocking products in the box.

“My kids had me drive into town almost every day because they were so excited to see if any of the food was taken. The box had been up less than a couple days and I noticed there were more donations of food already in it.”

With almost more than 120 shares on Facebook, the project has become a community focus for Portales. Anyone who is need of anything are encouraged to help themselves and to also spread the word to those in need of this resource.

“It’s so amazing to see this take off like it has. A few days up and already people are donating their food/money/time to a cause where they don’t necessarily see who’s being helped but know that they are helping. the world can be an ugly place, I’m just trying to make it a little prettier.”

If anyone is interested in donating, canned foods with tab tops are best, different products such as shampoos/conditioners/deodorants/feminine products are always needed.

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