Sat. May 18th, 2024


There are several big ticket primaries being voted on in in this election including: District Court Judge, magistrate judge, and the republican candidate to run against MLG in November. As of 7:00 pm voting polls were officially closed statewide but vote totals for both Curry and Roosevelt County continued to be counted. Ballots will be counted as they come into county clerk’s offices in Clovis and Portales as well as other county seats throughout the state. Results will be reported to the Secretary of State’s office in Santa Fe and official totals will be updated as they are received.

Benjamin Cross held his 9th Judicial District judge’s seat while Stephen Whittington won his position of Clovis’ magistrate judge in Division 2 in Tuesday’s primary election.

In Roosevelt County, Javier Sanchez is the newest sheriff, while Roy Criswell and Paul Grider won county commission seats.

None of the local Republican winners on Tuesday face Democratic opposition in November. Independent and write-in candidates have until the end of this month to declare candidacy for the General Election.

Mark Ronchetti has won the Republican primary for governor with 68,266 total votes that make up 58% of New Mexico voters.

There were five names on the ballot: Jay Block, Rebecca Dow, Ethel Maharg, Greg Zanetti and Ronchetti.

The complete list of State officals will be updated once all ballots are counted for New Mexico. Tonight’s winners in each category will be represented in italics.

As of 9:27 pm here are the unofficial totals for our local races:

State Representative, District 63


Martin Zamora, 594 votes

State Representative, District 64


Andrea R. Reeb, 1,442

State Representative, District 67


Jackey O. Chatfield, 792

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 1(Curry and Roosevelt)

Gerald Edward Baca (D): 819

Sophie I. Cooper (L) (write-in)

Barbara V. Johnson (R): 4,106

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 2 (Curry and Roosevelt)

Katherine Anne Wray (D): 807

Stephen P. Curtis (L): 61

Gertrude Lee (R): 4,061

District Court Judge 9th Judicial District Division 01(Curry and Roosevelt)

Shaun Burns (R): 1,698

Benjamin Cross (R): 3,574


Magistrate Judge, Division 1

Janemarie Vanderdussen (R)

Magistrate Judge, Division 2

Stephen R. Whittington (R): 896

Eleisa Loera Munoz (R): 543

Donald Thomas Sawyer (R): 345

Jandi A. Stanfield (R): 784

County Commissioner, District 1

Fidel M. Madrid (D)

County Commissioner, District 2

Bradley Dean Bender (R)

County Commissioner, District 3

Norman L. Kia (R): 111

Lisa R. Pellegrino (R): 221

Dusty W. Leatherwood (R): 405

County Sheriff

Michael D. Reeves (R): 2,840

County Assessor

Randa K. Jesko (R): 2,737

Probate Judge

Michael R. Wells (R): 1,538

Hollie L. Barnett (R): 1,692


Magistrate Judge

Christopher A. Mitchell (R)

County Sheriff

Ryan Dude Ainsworth (R): 224

Javier Sanchez (R): 1,025

Darrel W. Chenault (R): 775

County Assessor

Stevin L. Floyd (R)

County Commissioner, District 3

Sawyer Kee May (R): 139

Billy Bob Cathey (R): 146

Roy L. Criswell (R): 186

County Commissioner, District 4

Tina M. Dixon (R)

County Commissioner, District 5

Glynn E. Wilhoit, Jr. (R): 215

Paul E. Grider (R): 250

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