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100th Curry County Fair postponed; Curry County Expo will cater to youth participants

CLOVIS (KSMX)- In a very well attended Curry County meeting this morning, June 10, tough decisions were made pertaining to the entertainment element of the 100th Curry County Fair. Instead of the Curry County Fair commissioners approved changing the events name to the Curry County Expo and would not be entertaining the masses but catering to the youths who participate in projects and agricultural mechanics.

State official Victor Reyes was in attendance and, in a way, answered questions that the board had that contributed to their decisions. Commissioners asked Reyes what the difference was when the governor commended protesters for violating health mandates but continues to restrict mass gatherings. They also wanted information on the time line for Phase Four and what that would exactly entail as well as the age-old argument: “one size does not fit all”.

“The protests that were held in New Mexico were commended by the Governor because people are practicing their first amendment rights,” stated Reyes. “This virus does not see demographics and the state’s efforts through public health orders continues to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Phase three for the state’s recovery plan is on track for early June and could entail mass gatherings of less than 100 people. However, I hesitate to give you an answer on exact restrictions and dates for Phase Three and Four.”

Commissioner Thornton stated that he does believe the virus recognizes demographics because the data in the area shows how low the confirmed cases to population. “The Northwest has problems, why do we need to under their guidelines?”

Kadee Handee, general manager for the Curry County Events Center, stated “we can’t move forward until we know the rules and regulations.” Spectra a national leader in venue management, hospitality and partnerships, has also stated that they will not violate any laws or mandated health orders. “There is too much liability”.

Clay Franklin, President of the Fair Board attended the meeting to help make decisions moving forward. The board decided for a name change which the commission board commended for this decision.

The Curry County Expo will have COVID-Safe practices enacted and only let specific buildings used for FFA Judging events and home arts.

There will be no gate admission and limited occupancy. The 100th Curry County Fair will be postponed to 2021.

“It is what it is. We all don’t like this but we can’t risk having a fair with tax payer money especially when we don’t have timelines,” commented Chairman Ben McDaniel.

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