Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Free well water testing at Clovis Farmers Market

Bring your well water sample to the Clovis Farmers Market on August 12 for free testing.

The New Mexico Environment Department will have 100 free well water tests available at the Clovis Farmers Market on August 12. The market is held in the parking lot of the North Plains Mall at 2809 North Prince Street from 9 am to 12 pm.

If you intend to bring your water sample to the free testing event, please adhere to the following state guidelines:

  • allow water to run for 2-3 minutes before taking sample
  • fill clean container with (at least) a quart of your home well water
  • collect water at the wellhead if your home has filtration and/or water softening systems
  • collect water sample as close to testing time as possible

Residents are advised to bring information about their residential well such as: well depth, depth to water, well casing material, latitude/longitude of the well, and distance from well to nearest septic tank or leachfield system (KRQE, Jordan Honeycutt, 7.27.23).

Label your water sample container (glass or plastic, clean, odor-free) with the owner’s name, phone number, address, and well information. Testing is only available for homes in which private wells are used for drinking water.

This event is not providing polyfluoroalkyl substances testing (PFAS) – for questions regarding PFAS in drinking water, please contact Andy Jochems at the Drinking Water Bureau Source Water Protection Team at 505.205.6964 or


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